1 year living the dream

Blue tongue skinks are what got me into reptiles. when i was 8, i visited a place called the Bat Cave and held my first reptile, a male blue tongue skink. I was never a kid who was scared of any animals and was fascinated by all, but never really thought about getting one. Then 2-3 years ago I went down to Florida (not uncommon, we usually make once yearly trips as my grandparents own a house down there) and for some reason I became in love with the iguanas I had been seeing for years. My dad owned 2 iguanas back in the day and I decided I would be getting an iguana. Well started doing some research and I remembered that interaction with the blue tongue and became absolutely obsessed with getting one.

Well today marks 1 year of having my dream.

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I would say he has had a pretty good glow up if I do say myself

:grin: :partying_face:


I love blue tongue skinks. The camp I worked at had one, but it was before I was in charge of the animals, so I never really got to interact with him as much as I would have. I’d love to own one myself eventually.


I don’t know much about bts, but he sure looks cute and happy! :slight_smile:

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