10 to 17 pairings of 147 🥰

  1. Black Head Butter x Black Head Paradox Butter (Green Godess)

  2. GHI Mojave x Black Pewter

  3. Leopard Clown x Volta

  4. Super Pastel Butter Desert Ghost x Pastel het Desert Ghost

  5. Mojave Pied Het Ghost x Pied

  6. Black Pastel D/H Albino Pied x Black Pastel D/H Albino Pied

  7. MJ Lightning Pied x MJ Lightning Pied

  8. Tri Stripe x Coral Glow Black Pastel Pied


Hey @dj-pythons a tip about the forum.

Each person has a “Portfolio”, which is basically like a instagram feed/gallery of pictures you post on here… but only ones with the #featured tag… that way you can choose which ones show up there. So remember to use that tag when you want to save a topic there.

Heres yours so far:

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You can find other peoples by clicking on their profile picture and then clicking “Portfolio” :blush: i suggest looking at @welshmorphology :fire:


Oh man! Those MJ lightning pieds! Ugh!! #1 on my literal GHI list :joy: but seriously tho, I’ve gotta have it!