10 Year Ball Pythonniversary

I realized recently that this month marks an important anniversary for me - 10 years since I brought home my first ball python, Phoenix!

He was a several year old WT that was on craigslist for $25, in a 20 gallon tank with aspen, a few cardboard boxes and a red heat light. He was defensive, difficult and generally cranky, and given his tank situation I can’t blame him.

But over the years my husbandry skills and knowledge improved (his temperament did not), and thus he stayed in Pennsylvania (along with the 5 other ball pythons I aquired during this time) with a local breeder when I moved.

I thought this mini celebration would be a fun opportunity to share some of my favorite pictures as well as introduce my newest arrival. It’s been a great 10 years and I hope for many more with these amazing creatures! I’ve learned so so much during this time, and yet I feel like it’s nothing given the amount of exerptise and knowledge that’s out there.

Papaya - 0.1 Spotnose het OG

Spooky - 1.0 Leopard Clown (pos Fire)

Pesto and Cranberry - 0.2 Clowns (plus mystery morph)
A year old tomorrow!!

Bagel - A TH Wyman original, 1.0 G-stripe pos Acid

Ghostie McGhostface - 0.1 GHI Cinnamon Phantom pos Nanny

So as I was contemplating this 10th anniversery, it struck me that it seemed wrong to go into a celebration of 10 years of ball pythons with only 9 ball pythons….


Introducing Ghirardelli (Dell for short)

0.1 GHI Mahogany
You know it’s love when you end up checking MM four times a day in hopes they haven’t sold yet

Oh, and not to brag…but….in 10 years I still haven’t been bitten yet :rofl:


10 years is an important milestone and especially not getting bit! Lol. Your collection is impressive, congratulations. Here’s to another great non bitten 10 years! Love how cranberries tail pattern actually gets darker.