1of2 ) 17 of the 150 Ladies Paired 🥰


  1. Leopard Candy poss het Pied x Pied

  2. GHI Black Pewter x VPI Axanthic

  3. Coral Glow Spinnerblast Het Pied x Leopard Pied

  4. Banana Clown x Leopard het Clown

  5. D/H Tornado Sandstorm x P/D/H Tornado Sandstorm

  6. Mardi Gras x Ivory

  7. Freeway Pastel Coffee Lucifer Mojave x Fire Yellowbelly

  8. Highway x Yellowbelly

  9. Super Pastel Desert Ghost x Butter Desert Ghost
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Looks like it didn’t upload them again for you, unfortunately!


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Yeh seems to happen every time to me lol :joy: