1st babies of 2022, Light Ghost Mosaic cal king project

Breeding was 2018 Light Ghost het albino x 2013 Mosaic het ghost, both snakes have the same 2010 Light Ghost dad. Light phase Ghost is a combo morph where Palomar Ghost (recessive) is mixed with the Banana/High White trait. Mosaic is a co-dom trait, but you also get nicer ones from line breeding (just like banana/hw). To make things more interesting - ghost, banana/hw, and mosaic ALL mess with the pattern of the snake. But, I do believe I hatched a Light Ghost Mosaic.
Here is the breeding that produced this clutch…

And here are the babies, starting with the (suspected) Light Ghost Mosaic male.

Here is a nice Mosaic het ghost male

Some Light Ghosts (look at the variation here)

And I absolutely love this oddball Mosaic het ghost female, she has a bunch of speckles inbetween her bands - will look amazing as an adult.

A pair of aberrant banded het ghost

Which one is your favorite?
Next clutch has hatched, once they shed theyll be sexed, IDed and photo’ed and Ill be back to show them off!


What a fun clutch! I do love a “variety pack.” Your suspected light ghost mosaic reminds me of a Shatter corn snake.

I have a question. I don’t work with king snakes though I like them, so this is an actual question. It may be my phone, but I’m seeing some pale yellowish/ goldish tones on the last two. It’s pretty. Is that actually there? If so, what is that likely to do when the animal is an adult?

The last two are normal colored het ghost animals. Theyre yellow now theyll be yellow forever.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m well- versed in corn snake morphs, reasonably familiar with milk snake morphs, much less familiar with Cali king snake morphs. Yours are very pretty.