1st Clutch Identification Help

I’m new and getting into Ball Pythons as a side hobby. Likely not going full business; just want to enjoy making some combos and sharing these beautiful creatures. I got my first snakes end of 2021-beginning of 2022. Saw some sort of Pied combo 10+ years ago and that stayed on my mind until I realized I had the means to keep them myself!

My first clutch of 7(No Slugs!) all hatched 11/11/23. I’ve been learning with these guys and would really appreciate some experienced eyes for gene identification. The differences between Fire and Pastel confuse me depending on the combo. Pastel is obvious if Clown is Visual, but I’m uncertain otherwise and Fire seems to be fairly subtle. Let me know if additional pictures are needed. I tried to match up based on other pictures on MorphMarket but they weren’t always cut and dry.

Dam labeled as Butter Fire Pastel Leopard Het Clown
She is Gravid for this clutch in this picture, hence the Hugeness.

Father is a Lavender Albino Het Clown

The first three may be the same gene combo but I’m not sure. I got 4 total showing Clown in this clutch. All 4 of those look like they also hit Leopard… Which is making me paranoid that maybe they didn’t and my initial identification is biased. I question the likelihood of hitting visual Clown AND Leopard on all 4.

Pastel Butter Leopard? Clown Het Lav

Pastel Butter Leopard? Clown Het Lav *This one is least likely to have leopard as far as pattern but I’m not sure.

Pastel Butter Leopard? Fire? Clown Het Lav *This one is just a tiny bit lighter than the above siblings. Could that be Fire?

I think this one is just Fire but I’m not truly sure. Is it actually Pastel? Both? It’s het Lav and 66% het Clown.
I’m not 100% sure how to tell the difference between Fire and Pastel. Fire should have blushing through the black areas of pattern, right? I think this one is Fire but more information would be very helpful.

I’m pretty confident this is just Butter, Het Lav and 66% het clown. My uncertainty with the Fire gene is the only question for this one.

Leopard Pastel Het Lav 66% het Clown. Minimal blushing through the black (Not even visible in this picture) so Fire should be out of the question, right?

Pastel Leopard Clown Het Lav. MorphMarket images including Fire didn’t seem to match him quite right. Just looking for confirmation. This guy is actually the goal of this pairing!


Woe, what a beautiful 1st clutch for you! I’m still learning morph identification but I can say that #4 is definitely not fire only. Pastel is my guess, due to the pattern and head blushing?


Yep Merry Christmas and I second @gina5678 Gina’s compliment on what a fabulous job on a fantastic 1st clutch! Those guys are wicked looking! :star_struck::star_struck:

I love it when great stuff like this happens to people!!! :blush:


I agree with everything but I would say 4 is a pastel fire. Very nice clutch!


Thank you guys so much! :heart: #4 shall be labeled as Pastel Fire. :slight_smile:

I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

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