1st Maternal Incubation

For the first time we’re going with Maternal Incubation for this clutch! She’s about 2 wks in and doing great!
Pairing was Black Pastel Dbl het Albino/Pied x Banana Leopard het Pied & Albino Leopard het Pied


Going fairly big for a first try;) I really want to try this and will have just never had the courage to do it for some reason once the eggs were here.

Are you running ambient heat or hot spot?

What an exciting clutch! Best of luck,Beth ! :pray:t2::+1:t2:
Maternal incubations are so rewarding! :heart_eyes:


I’ve always been curious about it… i joined theMaternal Incubation group on FB and their info gave me the knowledge & courage to give it a try!


Thank u Ute! She’s doin an awesome job💕

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Hot spot. About 88. Damp Sphagnum moss for nesting material/humidity.

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How is it going? Has she eaten for you while on eggs?

@gotballs how did your clutch turn out?

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I’m also curious!


She ended up unwrapping from them on day 46, :woman_shrugging: and after 24 hrs i caved and put them in the incubator.
All the eggs hatched just fine tho!
I had another Mom doing maternal incubation as well… she did beautifully and hatched her clutch perfectly!


I wonder why the first snake unwrapped? Maybe she was tired of staying in the same position.
I’m glad though that everything worked out for you @gotballs! Can’t wait to see pics of the babies :smile:


Not my first clutch.lol. Just first time with MI😊

I think this is fascinating but I’m sure it will be years before I attempt it if ever.