1st pet lizard

I’ve never kept any lizards and am looking to get my 1st.
So wondering what size lizard could I fit in a 4 to 5ft long vivarium that can be handled.

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Do you have any experience with reptiles? So that you would know about things like humidity, heat pads, thermostats, and other general care/husbandry lingo and ways to get desired results?

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Currently I keep 4 snakes and 14 tarantulas and an axolotl so I’ve some experience with reptiles.

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Are you looking for arboreal or terrestrial?

Anything really caught your eye so far?

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I’ve thought of bearded dragon or a small monitor type lizard.

I would think a Bearded dragon would do great in a tank that size, though may be a little more commonly seen. Are you looking more at rarer lizards or into the common beardie type? :slight_smile:

Maybe an Ackie Monitor? How deep and tall is your enclosure?

EDIT: Here is a quick link I found to help in your research :slight_smile:

Info may not be completely accurate, as is the case with many reptile caresheets found off the web, so make sure to use multiple sources. This is a good starting point :slight_smile:

Beardies are lovely, and chill too!

If you have the height and depth too then an Ackie would work, or a Kimberley or a Timur :grin:


If it’s a shorter enclosure a blue tongue skink may be a good option


An ackie is my vote, they are awesome, but ideally they have a 5’ long and a tall enclosure. You could also get a basilisk lizard (which need a very tall and deep enclosure) or chinese water dragon.


Yep! In a shorter enclosure a larger skink would work well as long as you have the budget. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies I’ve no enclosure yet as I’m still deciding what lizard to get.
With the help of this website it’s given me ideas and advice on what to do so I get things right.


Happy we could help! Here also is links to some of the reptiles on MorphMarket to help you search through options. :slight_smile: