1st Tornado Clutch of year 🤩

WHAT A GOOD DAY :tada: 4 CLUTCHES :tada: With the three 1st time Mums SMASHING IT :star_struck::pray::star_struck:

And our 1st TORNADO clutch of the year :partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::partying_face:

  1. Dad Leopard Clown x 1st time Mum Super Pastel het Clown 9 Big Beautiful Eggs.

  2. Dad Tornado x 1st time Mum Lemon Pastel Orange Ghost 7 Beauties.

  3. Dad Mardi Gras x 1st time Mum Pastel Asphalt 10 Fantastic Eggs.

  4. Dad Black Head Butter x Enchi 5 lovelies 4 Uglies.


You are gonna have some killer good year! Tons of awesome pairings, crazy good genes, and viable eggs! What more could ya ask for


Thank you :pray:
Hopefully we only half way through our girls laying :heart_eyes: