2 year old carpet python

Hi, I’m being given a 2 year old jungle carpet python soon from where I work. he’s super tiny still because he was a rescue and hadn’t been fed properly. What’s the best diet to put him on so he gains weight and size? Please note that hes only been able to take quite small prey like mouse hoppers/ fuzzies as he regurgitates it otherwise. Any advice would be great

You want to feed appropriately sized prey, and definitely want keep him on mice for now the issue with rats that would be the equivalent in size is that they would be nothing more than a sac of fat with very little protein, hair and bones (calcium). What you can do however is change the frequency to every 5 days.

I personally keep carpet on mice until adult mice are too small.

Carpet need to be grown slowly however at two if that animal is still on hopper there is an issue and the fact that you mention regurgitation can mean one or two things: Internal parasites or gastric issue not allowing bigger prey size to be kept down.

He was emaciated when he was given in to the shop, hadn’t been fed hardly for the first year of so of it’s life so not sure if that’s the issue with the digestion. Where it hadn’t been eating so it’s not used to it. He’s been eating and keeping his meals down for the last few weeks. Hopefully it’s a good sign. Will try to feed more often when I bring him home, every 5 days like you said.