2019 Clutch #2

Breeding was FEMALE Butter Ghost to:
Male CaramelGlow 3 times AND
Male Banana Yellowbelly 2 times.

4 babies hatched

Please help with what you think happened…


Personally I think the 2 on top look like butter ghosts and two on bottom are butters. I don’t see banana in any of them so I believe one of the parents were het ghost rather than ghost.

I thought that too but here is the mom…

Here’s the breeding

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Ya they both look like ghosts too me as well. Guess its a mystery.

Maybe the banana was het ghost as well ?

My good friend and previous boss Kevin from NERD thinks Ghost, Butter Ghost, and two butters. Only the ghost has shed.

This is the fun of it!

I think you were right the first time

After you look at them for so long they change on you lol

They sure do!!!

So after they have shed it proves out to be:

Male ghost
Male butter ghost
Female butter 1
Female butter 2

So I think the CaramelGlow male fathered two babies both the Ghost and Butter Ghost.

I think the Banana Yellowbelly fathered the two Butter babies.

Awesome Dual sired clutch!!!

That’s basically all I could come to seeing that not all the babies carried the ghost gene. I’m very happy with the results. My plan is to raise the ghost butter and breed him back to mom for ghost BELs.


I think that makes sense considering the other two are obviously visual ghosts. Good luck on that future project!!!