2019 Clutch #3

CaramelGlow male bred to a DBL het CaramelGlow female. 5 eggs and I hatched out 3 male CaramelGlows and 2 DBL het females.

The adults I purchased as 2017 babies from P5Pythons (Trent and Emily Phillips) they have the nicest looking CaramelGlows.



Ok so nobody commented, the funny thing is I screwed up. They all shed skin today. They are not CaramelGlows, they are bananas and banana Yellowbelly.

Turns out my Yellowbelly Banana fathered the clutch.

Looks like:
2.0 Bananas
1.0 Yellowbelly Banana
0.1 Normal
0.1 Yellowbelly

I guess I should just stick one male in with my girls for the season. Eliminate the ?

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@sickpyth7 at least you got it figured out, ha-ha.

I just love the yellowbelly banana! <3