2019 Pastel Dreamsicle Female arrival from JKR

Just got this awesome girl in from Justin Kobylka! My first dreamsicle, woohoo! I didn’t weigh her but I’d guess she’s 700+ grams.


Absolutely beautiful! She is going to be a powerhouse once she is breeding size.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: The jealousy I’m experiencing right now is unbelievable :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


WOW. Show stopper!


Congrats on the beautiful pick up.


You and me both. Next season I’m hoping to buy a dreamsicle male and it just seems SO LONG from now.


Thanks all! Super excited about this girl!

I’ve left her alone to settle in but did snap a few quick additional shots in her tub using only the LED shop light above.

Is it me or are the lavenders in her head unusually intense for her size?

When I picked her out there were 4 other pastel dreamsicle options. I asked Justin which he thought was the best and he said this girl. Others had more distributed and darker pattern but judging by the baby photos she had an abundance more lavender in her head.

I noticed some weird blue coloration in her face from this close up. I want to check her out more but I’m leaving her alone to settle in…I’m curious if this is a trick of light or what. She is using a completely white reptizorb liner so there’s no change of ink or anything from newspaper.


I mean its definitely not a bad thing for her to have intense coloration at this age. Lavenders do change a little when they are older and the lavenders even out more with the yellows but I can definitely tell she will be a stunner when she is a adult.


I defenitely dont see it as a bad thing. I think one of the greatest strengths of the lavender albinos over other albinos and heavy melanin decreasers (banana, ultramel, monarch, candy, toffee etc) is how much lavender they gradually pull in with age. I think certain lavender individuals exhibit major increases in the lavender coloration. I’m speculating that this pastel dreamsicle girl here has an unusual amount of lavender and may be part of the reason Justin identified her as the best of the bunch. Here’s a headshot of my pastel lavender het pied male next to her headshot, shot with the same setup (Nikon SB800 speedlight bounce flashed off the ceiling, white balance calibrated using a white balance card), neat little comparison. You can see in his headstamp there is almost no pink/lavender whereas the dreamsicle has tons (especially apparent in the other ambient room lighting photos). After she is out of quarantine I’ll get some direct comparison photos of them together:


Beautiful Dreamsicle!!!


How’s she doing now?
Found a male yet? :wink:


She’s doing excellent, thanks for asking! She refused here and there at the 1000g wall but is currently up to 1200+ grams. Good to go next season for sure!

I could pair her with her half brother, also a pastel dreamsicle:

I could wait and see if I hit on a YB Pastel Dreamsicle male with this upcoming clutch due to lay 5/31 (Pastel Dreamsicle from above x YB Pied Het Lav), ovulation photo:

Alternatively I’d like to get my hands on a cutting edge multi-recessive male to make quad hets with my group of dreamsicle females, ideas I have in mind:

  1. Desert Ghost Clown (or het versions of either to save $)
  2. Sunset Clown (or het versions of either to save $)
  3. DG Pied (or het versions of either to save $) (triple recessive option, quicker road to DG Dreamsicle)

We shall see!

Here’s the last set of photos I have of this girl from a month ago alongside a standard dreamsicle that is a year younger. Side note, I recently upgraded my camera which I think captures color much more accurately: