2019 yay or nay?

So how has 2019 treated your guys breeding season and was it like you expected and what do you hope 2020 will bring in with the new year?

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Unfortunately I missed the breeding season this year due to a lack of proper set up. Hopefully I will be able start my project next year. It will give me time to get my female back up to weight after being picky this winter.


This season had some ups and downs. Only 75% of my snake pairings were successful, but we had a bumper crop of turtles. Two litters were significantly smaller than I’d hoped, and one was all male. Our highest end litter was a good size produced some valuable snakes but we missed on the combo we were hoping for. Sales, however, have been brisk, especially with the turtles. We did have one very unfortunate event though. Directly after we underwent a move, three adult male snakes mysteriously died. One was probably unrelated to the move as he had a mass in his abdomen, but the other two are a complete mystery. I have a backup male for one of those that passed away, but I don’t have a backup for the other two and will probably have to buy a baby male and raise him up, losing out on at least two breeding seasons. Overall, I’m grateful for the fantastic babies that we did produce, and I understand that sometimes things go wrong when working with live animals.