2019 YB Pied Het Lavender

This 2019 yellowbelly pied het lavender from JKR just hit the 650 gram mark. She’s been perfect! Immediate switch from live to F/T, no refused meals, great disposition. She’s holding great color I think.


Will you be breeding her?

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Yes, she is the first female of my planned 2.8 dreamsicle breeding program. I’d like to get her with an orange dream dreamsicle.

I think breeders may be underestimating the potential for selectively bred polygenic variance in pieds. I like the high pattern with my girl here which was prevalent in the clutch. Here’s a photo from Justin Kobylka with siblings.


I really really really hope the odds are in your favour. I want to see more of these guys on here :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: