2020 Breeding Season Blog

Since I’ve already got eggs (overwhelming this early haha) I thought it might be fun to make a thread to track my clutches and resulting hatchlings in one spot. This community so far is pretty ball python driven so let’s add a little variety! Most of my colubrids are still in brumation but they will be warmed up in a few weeks. A few are out already since they’ve gone into shed early.

Planned Pairings 2020:

Western Hognose:

  • Anaconda het. Albino X Extreme Red het. Albino
  • Snow X Axanthic het. Albino
  • Albinoconda x Albinoconda
  • Snow x Granite 66% ph Axanthic
  • Albinoconda x Arctic Anaconda 66% ph Sable 50% ph Albino

Got a few others that are potential but these are the ones I’ve decided on for sure.

Leonis Kingsnake:

  • Grey (Unknown Line) X Buckskin (Vivid)

Corn Snake:

  • Okeetee X Okeetee Tessera

Leopard Geckos:

  • RADAR x WY Bell ph Eclipse (2 eggs so far)
  • RADAR x Bold Stripe Bell het. Eclipse
  • Firebold X HC Tang Tremper het. Eclipse (test breeding)
  • WY HC CH Tang Tremper ph Eclipse X Firebold (test breeding)
  • Firebold X Firebold
  • Firebold X Blood / Electric Tangerine

1/3/2020 -> First clutch has been laid from Fry x Sunflower (RADAR x WY Bell ph Eclipse). Incubating at 80F, will be around 55 days to hatch.

And the parents:


Love this, please keep us updated on everything through the year.
It would be a good way of the whole community to not only document their season but discuss it with others as it happens.


How are them eggs coming along?

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Doing good! Cooking away haha. They’ve got around 30 days until the hatch window starts. All of the colubrids are out of brumation and feeding heavily so I should start getting some activity from them over the coming weeks as well.


Just had the first western hognose lock of the year - anaconda het albino x albinoconda.

The first clutch of leopard gecko eggs also should be hatching soon, most likely less than a week.


First hatchlings of the year have arrived!
From RADAR x WY Bell het. Eclipse (proven with this clutch)


Had another confirmed pairing this morning, this time between leonis king snakes. It’s my first time breeding this species after 5 years of raising them up so I’m very excited to see what they produce if I get a successful clutch.

And some nicer pics of them since that one doesn’t do them justice



I’m about halfway through with pairings for the year. I should start getting hognose, corn snake, and king snake clutches over the next few weeks, along with more leopard gecko eggs. I’ve only got 2 clutches of leopard gecko eggs incubating right now so my big incubator is pretty empty and ready!

Overall I have 4 gravid and nesting leopard geckos, 2 definitely gravid western hognoses and 2 more in what are likely pre-ov sheds, 1 gravid corn snake, and 1 gravid king.

Still waiting on a handful of geckos and snakes to start coming into season.

I’m hoping to start filling up that incubator soon! I’ll post updates as soon as I get more eggs.


Got a small clutch (8 eggs total- 7 fertile and healthy) from my Okeetee Tessera corn snake “Cayenne“ yesterday. It’s her first clutch ever so I’m not shocked it was a small one.

I’m incubating them right at 79F so they should hatch late May.


Totally forgot to update! On April 6th I had a really nice clutch laid by my albinoconda western hognose “Splendid”. 11 eggs, all fertile and healthy. These are due first week of June.
image image

I also have some leopard gecko eggs that are due to hatch next week. Getting more weekly now.


Well these leo eggs waited 8 days past the expected / normal hatch date at this temp- trying to make me worry haha.
image image

TSF Bold Stripe Bell het Eclipse from Fry x Serena
Still waiting on the clutch mate

I’ve got 4 snakes in PLS right now so fingers crossed for some healthy clutches over the next few weeks!


Wow! The clutchmate hatched out a bit ago and is really stunning! This might be the cleanest / highest expression RADAR I’ve hatched in 6 years of breeding leos just judging it from straight out of the egg. Might be a keeper depending on how she holds on to all that white after a few sheds.

TSF RADAR from Fry x Serena (bold stripe influence may show up later as well)

I was also able to catch this one hatching on a quick time lapse. Sometimes they take 5 minutes to hatch, sometimes it’s more like 5 hours. This one was pretty speedy!

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This will probably be a long post!
Had another hognose clutch laid today- 13 good eggs + 1 slug from my Snow x Extreme Red het. Albino pair.

I’m probably going to retire the mom after one more breeding year so if I hatch out any nice expression red females I’m definitely going to keep one back to continue her line here!

I’ve got 2 other hognoses close to laying now along with my leonis king. Not sure if I’ll have any more successful pairings since it’s getting later into the year. We’ll see.

And the latest leopard gecko. This one is a Firebold Cross (test breeding my firebold group for Tremper & Eclipse this year- so far so good!)
This one’s pretty dark so it’ll be fun to see how much she tangerines over that black.

The first snake clutches of the season (corn snake & hognose) are getting close, probably 2-3 weeks before I start getting pips :slight_smile:


Hi. so I just took my corn snake 's out of brumation 2 days ago and I am wondering when I should expect their post-brumation shed?

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