2020 Holdbacks

This is my first BEL (lesser to lesser) clutch. The first pic is right out of the eggs, the second is after first shed and the last is a current pic.


All of your holdbacks look awesome. I’m not a breeder (yet) myself.

Agreed. The (HGW) Granite that is everywhere doesn’t float-my-boat. Is anyone still working with RDR Granite? I am sure I have seen Supers produced from RDR x RDR…

The granite from the soul sucker line was proven not to be an actual granite gene. It could never be isolated it was totally incorrect information. So no granite line attached to hidden gene woma. I loved the rdr line of granite unfortunately that faded out along time ago when rdr faded from the scene. Although I’m sure there are people that have granite stock from rdr still I haven’t seen any produced in many years.

OK. So does this mean that most BPs listed on MM as Granite are in fact not? Most of what you see here is produced from HGW breedings and many of the animals listed are identified as Granite (they show the tell tale marking behind the head). Is it simply that, in this case, Granite is somewhat of a misnomer.

It now boils down to people being misinformed. The original breeder that produced soul sucker incorrectly told everyone there was a granite gene connected to hidden gene woma. The gene was never isolated because it was never a separate gene to begin with. There are many proven dominant lines of granite and a few proven incomplete dominant with various names lol. But there was never at any time a granite gene present in the original soul sucker/hgw line. Same goes for inferno stuff and such. This has been well known for years but some people still incorrectly label it granite. I believe the morph calculator got fixed a while ago when putting in soul sucker and inferno it no longer includes the granite gene.