2020 season short but sweet🤘

Here at Python Junkies we had a very small season consisting of only 2 clutches as we’re just getting back into the hobby. Listed below are the pairings. I will show pics of the results. Thank you for looking!

  1. Super OD YB DG x OD Enchi Firefly
  2. Super OD YB DG x Pied

some beautiful babies you got there. congrats!

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Thank you :pray:

It’s not about the numbers it’s about the quality you put out there.

Good job :+1:t2:


Beautiful babies! 2 clutches is still amazing :smiley:

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Thank you! Quality is everything to us. From the prey we give our reptiles, to the animals themselves and the husbandry that goes along with it, and to the customer service before and after each sale. Quality In Quality Out👌

Thank you🙏