2021 Eggs Hatching

First clutch was Cal Kings… 2010 Light Ghost het albino x 2013 het ghost and albino, possible het corwin hypo. Babies were Light Ghosts, Caspers and some normal colored hets.

Next clutch to hatch, Mexican Milk snakes. From 2009 Freer TX locale albino (original Susan Hardy stock) x 2014 unrelated Freer normal.

The 2nd Cal King clutch to hatch this year was from 2013 Vanishing Stripe het ghost mosaic albino x 2016 Light Ghost het albino. The Light Ghost female actually killed the male after breeding, but laid a perfect clutch and all hatched.

The 3rd California Kingsnake clutch to hatch, breeding was a Pink Pearl (Lavender x Palomar Ghost combo) x 2018 quadruple het ghost, hypermel, lavender, corwin hypo. This clutch yielded 2 Pink Pearls, 1 Lavender, 2 Ghost and 1 normal, all of which are possible het hyper and hypo.


I freaking love these!!! Crazy crazy nice! Congratulations! Love seeing the various Cali’s! One of my favorites! :fire::fuelpump::exploding_head:


I guess so if you put those emojis lol :joy:

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These are for sure triple emoji worthy. In my humble opinion of course!


No, they just are awesome and are worthy

There so cute

The 4th California Kingsnake clutch to hatch was from 2010 Light Ghost het albino x 2015 High White het ghost.

This next pic is a clutch from a Mexican Milk snake breeding. In 2014 I bred Albino x Spotted, to try and produce the first ever albino spotted. So far from my pair of double hets I have produced everything but an albino spotted lol… Im only getting 5 good eggs tops per breeding so its not completely crazy Im not hitting the odds on a 2 gene morph from double hets. In 2018 I held back an albino male, and a spotted female. In 2019 I kept an albino female. In 2020 only one egg hatched, and it was a spotted male… all possible het for the morph it isnt. All of these animals can come in handy once theyre breeding size. So the 2021 clutch was only 3 good eggs. Most years I get 1 albino or 0 albino. This year there was an albino head poking out of every egg - do you think one of them was an albino spotted?