2021 pairing holdbacks updates!

So I think I’ve finally narrowed down my holdbacks from the last clutch to hatch for me (hatched around august, was a very late lay compared to my other, and I had one female not go this year).

The first two are holdbacks from my ghi hypo male to my cinny het hypo female.

I got lucky(or unlucky, depending on what you’re looking for) and got 3 male ghi cinny hypos. I really wanted a girl, but this one was by far my favorite so I decided to hold him back.

He started off as a slow grower, and was definitely smaller than the rest, but has caught up to his sister, which I’ve also held back to get a female with more genes from the clutch.

His sister is a ghi cinny het hypo, since I didn’t get a visual female from the clutch. Still in limbo about keeping her permanently, but for now she’s staying!

The next two are from the clutch I really didn’t know what to expect, it was my bamboo pin to my calico yb. And I got some incredible looking babies out of it. The first is what I believe is the only 4 gene animal I hit, so bamboo pin calico yb, and she’s gotten so much brighter as she’s shed a few times. The flaming coming in her sides is just absolutely INSANE and I’m glad I’ve decided she’s staying.

The pictures really don’t do her colors justice, but I’ll definitely update as I can. We’re starting to see snow here so outdoor pics aren’t going to be easy or viable anymore.

And the last is my personal favorite from the clutch, he’s a bamboo calico yb, and it’s not at all what I expected to see. He’s getting more white already as he’s aged as well, but I’m so excited to see how he changes with age.

I had a pairing that didn’t go, but the female has been swelling up lately and looks like she may be building, but I’m not doing any pairings this coming season, so if she lays, I’ll have another clutch to incubate! It would be retained sperm from a calico Yb to a Mojave lesser bumblebee.


Love that male Hypo and the bamboo caliico pin yb


Thanks! Definitely can’t wait to see how they change as they age for sure.

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You have some seriously nice ball pythons. That first one is stunning.

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That bamboo 4 gene combo is so good! I really like the cin,ghi,hypo as well! I would have held those 4 back as well, good decisions!

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Thank you! I gave my wife the pick between the two females I was contemplating holding back, one was missing yb, and had a lot more grey tones running through the side letting the calico really show more white. I told her a lot of the color would probably go away as it ages, so she went with this one and I’m happy she did.

Thank you! I love hypo stuff. The dad to that one is one of my first purchases I made from a breeder, and actually the first I purchased from MorphMarket .

That’s the first picture I saw of him and it sold me right away.

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I can see why. I’ve never seen a hypo in person, Im sure pictures don’t do it justice

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Love the GHI cinnamons, it’s such a great combo


Thanks! I’ve always been a fan of the more darker morphs. I’m hoping to add chocolate to my collection in the near future too, in hopes of adding that into some projects as well

I was actually going to ask what you planned to add next! Chocolate would be awesome

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Taking a year or so break to let some animals grow out, but still am on the lookout for some kind of hypo chocolate combos. Definitely excited to see what I can come up with.