2021 Pairings... What does yours look like?

What do your pairings look like this year? Here are some of mine.

Female Male
Albino Spider (Elsa) Black Pastel DH Albino Piebald (Jager)
Pastel (Alice) Firefly Cinnamon YB (Edgar)
Enchi (MIX)(Mikasa) Banana Enchi (Nan)
Vanilla Fire (Miranda) OD Champagne Calico het Ghost (Orajumund)
Pastel Clown (Rene) Bamboo Het Clown (Rembrandt)
Pastel Clown (Dali) Lesser Leopard DH Clown Ultramel (Picasso)
Enchi (Ariel) OD Champagne Calico Het Ghost (Orajumund)
Mojave (MIX) Bamboo (Jose)
Calico Firefly Cinnamon YB (Edgar)
Cinnamon Pastel DH Ghost Piebald (Aphrodite) Pinstripe Piebald (Julius)
Super Pastel Enchi Het Piebald (Esmerelda) Pinstripe Piebald (Julius)
Super Enchi Mojave Poss OD (Chumana) Firefly Axanthic (Knee)
Vesper Genetic Banded Piebald (Misty) Firefly Axanthic (Knee)
Mojave Piebald (Katana) Black Pastel DH Albino Piebald (Jager)
HGW (Lenore) Lesser Clown (Whistler)
Bumblebee (Georgia) Firefly Cinnamon YB (Edgar)
Chocolate Butter Ghost (Schokolada) Pinstripe Piebald (Julius)
Spider (Cinderella) Pastel Banana (Jose)
Fire (Moana) GHI HRA Black Pastel (Ozzy)
Vanilla (Aurora) Banana Enchi (Nan)
Pastel Cinnamon (Aowyn) GHI HRA Black Pastel (Ozzy)
Mystic (Jasmine) Bamboo (Johnny)

0.1 Ultramel x 1.0 Spider Clown or 1.0 GHI (Hoping the clown takes, but I wouldn’t say no to GHIs that are het. Ultramel

And possibly 0.1 Lemonblast x 1.0 GHI

Sadly none of my other girls are old enough yet.


My 2021 pairings:

1.0 banana piebald x 0.1 het piebald
1.0 super mystic x 0.1 butter
1.0 VPI axanthic spider x 0.1 pastel het VPI axanthic
1.0 butter spinner x 0.1 pewter
1.0 super mystic x 0.1 pastel super mojave

Had tons planned but so far only my butter female is developing follicles 🥲
All but the axanthic pairing have had locks, Ava seems to want nothing to do with the males this year.

Hopefully next year I’ll have more going on, should have 2 other females up to size.
Those planned pairings for 2022:

1.0 banana pied x 0.1 normal? (has pied markers so I want to see if she proves out to be het pied)
1.0 cinnamon mahogany het albino x 0.1 mahogany pastel mojave enchi het albino

I’m not too worried about how successful I am with producing this year, I think it’ll be good for me to take a step back and really think about where I want to take things from here. I’m definitely working on expanding my hognose collection (just bought another that’s being shipped to me tomorrow) and will be looking into purchasing a pair of tricolor hognoses and some columbian rainbow boas.

I’m also on a mission to start saving up the funding to invest in a storefront — so I can sell even more than just animals. It’s probably gonna take some time though since our income is pretty limited. Trying to set up stuff like Patreon and possibly putting more focus into merchandise and artwork since people like that kind of stuff too.

Sorry, kinda got off topic there! Haha


So far I have some gals that go later in the year.


This is what I’m planning for this year currently. I don’t have too many breeding size females, the Pastel Ultramel and Enchi Clown aren’t quite there yet, but they are great eaters so I’m hoping they will be to size by the end of the year. The Lesser Black Pewter Clown and Leo Enchi YB Pied aren’t big enough to breed yet either but they might be big enough by the end of the year, if not then they will definitely be ready by 2022. I can’t decide what I want to pair to the Enchi Clown, that’s why there are so many males next to her lol. I think that I will pair her to the DG though, it will take the longest to get what I really want from that pairing (DG Clown combos anyone?). The Calico Enchi and the Chocolate GHI Mojave have gotten a few locks from the DG, and I put the Banana Super Cinnamon in with the Chocolate GHI Mojave once but didn’t see a lock, though it looked like he got really close.


I’ll probably run 20-25 females this season, most are part of specific projects and I’m too lazy to type it all out here lol. Here are a few exciting ones

Pastel Enchi GHI x Pastel Enchi GHI

Pastel Lesser x Banana Black Pastel Pinstripe Spider

Spider Het Ultramel (x2) x Pinstripe Het Ultramel


What type of specific projects are you working on?

Would love to see a picture of this gal if you have one!!!


absolutly. She produced a clutch for me last year!

Her prior to eggs last year.

Her with the male from last year.

On eggs.

Her clutch and babies from that pairing.


My super long list of pairings for the year:

1.0 leopard butter het clown x 0.1 clown

But the good news is I think I’ll be able to double the amount of pairings next year :joy:


:rofl: At least your looking on the bright side!!!:wink:


Super nice! Love her!


Me too. She’s definitely a favorite

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Working some new boys ty.

1.0 Pastave Banana Orange Ghost
0.1 Pastel Orange Dream Orange Ghost
0.1 Pastel Orange Ghost
0.1 Het Orange Ghost
0.1 Champaign Het Gstripe

1.0 GHI Firefly
0.1 Lesser
0.1 Fire
0.1 Gargoyle(cinny/het red)
0.1 Leopard Fire

1.0 Pastel Highway
0.1 Citrus Pastel Whiteout YB
0.1 YB/Gravel
0.1 Bumblebee

1.0 Pastel Gstripe X 0.1 Het Gstripe

1.0 Dbl Het Albino/Clown
(1.0 Banana Clown for next season)
0.2 Dbl Het Albino/Clowns
0.1 Pastel Clown
0.1 Albino

1.0 Pastel Vanilla YB
0.1 Vanilla Cream(Fire)
0.1 Pastel Butter
0.1 Fire
0.1 Leopard Fire
0.1 Prove out(supposedly pastel but way more something going on)

1.0 Spinnerblast X 0.1 Normal(dark)

1.0 High Expression Ocelot Jungle(87.5%) Jag
X 0.1 Ivory Jungle(100%)

1.0 High Expression Ocelot Jungle(93.75%) Jag (from above pairing 3yrs ago)
X 0.1 Irian Jaya

1.0 Caramel Zebra X 0.1 Coastal(100%) Jag

1.0 Brick Red BCI X 0.1 Light Stone Grey BCI

Sounds like we’re making some beautiful stuff this season.
Goodluck Everyone


That should be a scorcher of a clutch!!!


First year breeding and I’m STOKED!!

1.0 Leopard Pastel Axanthic TSK (Ashitaka)
0.1 HGW (Xihe) - future axanthic Soul Sucker project
0.1 Pastel Axanthic TSK (Edgar) - gotta get me some visuals my first year

1.0 Lesser (Kodama)
0.1 Russo (Scully) - I really want a BEL, so why not make my own!

1.0 Black Pastel Mojave Het Pied (Quirrel)
0.1 Cinnamon (Crookshanks) - I wanted an 8-ball, so making my own


That’s awesome!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!


I have a Pastel Leopard Ghost female that should go next year so this season so I’m trying to hit a 1.0 GHI Enchi Het Ghost to take to her. I do a lot of Enchi GHI stuff and everything else is all over the board.

Trying to prove out a Pastel Lace 66% Clown in another pairing.

Some basic soul sucker stuff because I want some HGW without lesser.

Repeating Sulfur Het Axanthic x Vanilla cream Het Axanthic

Trying for some banana black pastel het G stripe stuff

Trying to get Mystic in one pairing and leopard in another into my axanthic stuff

Pairing a Calico Pastave male to several girls trolling for some calico females.

Just chipping away at some building blocks this season really. Doesn’t feel super productive but I hit plenty of fun stuff last year. I have a few pairings that I only want one specific male out of, but you know how that works lol. So I’m doubling up on some of those to make sure I get what I want.


1.0 Ivory x 0.1 Specter

That’s the only pairing that’s up to weight
But I have some beautiful gravel and leopard ivory girls.


Nothing special that special this year. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Banana Spider X Pastel

  • Pastel G Stripe X Clown

  • Pastel G Stripe X Pastel Lesser Calico Spider

  • Super Pastel Banana Fire Butter Pinstripe X Vanilla

Not sure if the Male is gonna be ready this year, :thinking:
If in case he is ready this year…

  • Pastel Enchi Ghost (Poss Disco) 100% het Rainbow X Cinnamon 100% het Ghost