2021 Pastel YB Dreamsicle Clutch: Dreamsicles Outside

This was my first time getting a good look at these guys outside in natural light. Big smile on my face after I took these photos.

Parents were YB Pied Het Lav (from JKR) x Pastel Dreamsicle (from JKR)

Dreamsicle # 1: YellowBelly Dreamsicle. This one is pretty obvious to ID I think. Most color of the bunch. Jaggy edges on the saddles. Bursts of color throughout.

Dreamsicle # 2: Possible YB Dreamsicle. At first I thought this one was a standard dreamsicle, or possibly pastel. After it ate and I got a look outside there are splotches of higher pink in a few areas. It doesn’t have the clearly defined jaggy edges and not quite as much color as Dreamsicle #1. I’m thinking either YB Dreamsicle or a very nice regular Dreamsicle.

Dreamsicle # 3: Possible YB Pastel Dreamsicle. I think this one is Pastel judging by the splotchy color washout in a few areas. It also has a washed out headstamp. It has a few areas of jaggy edges but not super obvious. My understanding is Pastel can somewhat override the increased color of YB, especially as babies, but the jaggy edges will still be there. Hoping this might be the all gene animal of the clutch but I’ll be happy if it is “just” a pastel dreamsicle.

Overall I’m thrilled with every animal of this clutch. When I picked out the parents I got the best of the best available from arguably the top dreamsicle breeder (Justin Kobylka) so I’m not surprised they turned out nice.

Dreamsicle # 1 (YB Dreamsicle)

Dreamsicle # 2 (Possible YB Dreamsicle)

Dreamsicle # 3 (Possible YB Pastel Dreamsicle)


So bright! My eyes! :laughing: :+1:


These are amazing! :heart_eyes: I love them in natural sunlight.

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I’ve been getting some really good photos in the shade. These were taken very early morning in the shade of my neighbors house. The sun was just coming up. I white balance all my photos with a grey card and they were much too blue before that correction.

My camera doesn’t like the crazy FL humidity though! I have to set it outside for 30+ minutes, otherwise the lens is completely fogged up.

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Same!! The humidity is crazy!

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I just heard back from the dreamsicle master Justin Kobylka regarding ID on these dreamsicles.

#1 I had right. YB Dreamsicle.

#2 I had wrong. It’s a Pastel Dreamsicle. Best pastel dreamsicle I’ve ever seen I think! The pink blushing in it makes me think enchi or yb (definitely no enchi though).

#3 All gene animal! Pastel Yb Dreamsicle! Can’t believe it!