2021 Season shorter than expected

So I moved my snake room back in October/November forgetting that doing so can easily disrupt breeding season due to environment changes. Lots of males breeding but only two females producing follicles.

Pair #1
Fire Enchi Leopard Ivory x Super Stripe

5 eggs incubating

Pair #2
Banana Yellowbelly Pied x het Pied


Het Pied female laid 4 eggs and 1 slug. The 4 eggs have weak vessels. Not sure if anything will make it.


Mine was shorter than normal as well my last clutch has already hatched over the weekend. I’m waiting for their first shed.

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Yeah I have no idea what I was thinking when I moved my snakes at the beginning of the breeding season.

Well, they will just be well primed for this up and coming season for both of us!

I moved mine around the same time of year and it did the opposite. Everything was breeding and did great.

This season was a little late for me but males are still locking and females are still breeding, ovulating, and laying eggs weekly.

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In your experiences do you think the weather where you life plays a part the timing of the breeding cycles? Like a early spring early eggs type of situation?

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I absolutely believe it plays a role. That’s what pisses me off when the noob experts weigh in on proper setups without taking geographic location/local environment into consideration. Even though I use 100% ambient heat in my building, the animals can sense changes in the weather.


I was curious because we are both in the Midwest and it seems the weather has a huge impact on my gals breeding cycle. I know you have been doing this far longer than me so I appreciate the information!

I also think after I moved them I had temps colder than usual so I think I caused the poor season. No big deal, this gives my girls time to bulk up in a healthy way.

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