2023 Cal King clutch 5 (light ghost x high white het ghost)

Breeding was -

2018 Light Ghost het albino
2015 High White het ghost

Last year this female had a egg stuck in her for a little, seems to have affected her this breeding season. She was laying 10 plus egg clutches.

The female high white is huge compared to the male, couldve ate him two times over no problem. He got the job done though.

She laid 1 egg out in the open, then when I saw I put a egg box in and she dropped the rest in there.

Which one is your favorite?

Light Ghosts will always be the most awesome to me. I have some that are just insane, that I just never have time to photograph lol.


This guy is definitely my favorite. I really need to get some snakes from you one day. It is a good thing I am local :wink:


This one is my favorite but I would take ANY ONE of them!


Beautiful babies! That first one is so splotchy and messy looking that it’s my favorite.

Did the mom eventually get the stuck egg out as well? How long was it in there?


I second this one!


The egg was stuck in the 2022 season, it did come out, hence why she was able to breed this year.

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