2023 California Kingsnake clutch 1 (before and after)

This pairing is one Ive done for many years, these two almost always breed first every year. Male is a 2010 Light Ghost het albino, female is a 2013 het ghost and albino that he produced. Light Ghost is Palomar Ghost x High White/Banana, line breeding produces more light ghosts.

And she laid a nice clutch of eggs (like she always does).

When eggs started pipping it was clear I lucked out and got some CASPERs (Albino x Palomar Ghost combo).

And here are the babies…


Het Ghost female

Light Ghost female (1 of only 2 females this clutch)

Albino Banana aberrant het ghost

Het Ghost

CASPER male 2

Albino aberrant het ghost

Which one is your favorite?


Man they are gorgeous!

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Well ALL of them but if I had to pick, well, ALL of them. I can’t pick!

Congratulations on a super awesome project @mikefedzen! :clap::100::+1::white_check_mark: