2023 California Kingsnake clutch 2 & 3

Backstory on these 2 clutches…

Corwin Hypo x Ghost = Coral Ghost
Corwin Hypo x Ghost x Banana = Phantomglow

Phantomglow from last year -

So clutch 2 for this year with cal kings was 2019 Light Ghost het hypo x 2020 Light Ghost het hypo. Unfortunately the female decided to try to eat some eggs, and egg goo kinda ruined the others. Was a whole thing. Only 1 egg hatched, and it was a phantomglow, a coral ghost or a light ghost lol go figure. An interesting striped ghost, poss het hypo, male.

Clutch 3 was also from this same project, but in a different fashion.
Last year my 2019 Banana aberrant possible het ghost and corwin hypo PROVED OUT as het for both genes… leading to producing the first ever Phantomglow.
This year he had less breedings (had to try out the 2020 light ghost het hypo male), so I bred him to a 2019 Vanishing Stripe het mosaic albino female. When you breed vanishing stripe to anything you get Mosaics, and the banana gene can show up first generation, so I knew the babies from this could be interesting (and they would also all be possible het for like 6 new morphs minimum).

Ended up with some Mosaics, some aberrants, some stripeds. Gonna be a fun project.

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