2023 California Kingsnake clutch 6 (light ghost x banana het ghost)

If you follow my posts you will likely already know that the Light Ghost morph is the combo of the Palomar Ghost gene and the Banana/High White trait. Selective breeding produces the nicest/patternless stuff.

Breeding was 2018 Light Ghost het albino x 2015 Banana het ghost.

And here are the babies.

Some nice Light Ghosts, two very nice Bananas het ghost (both males though).

Which one is your favorite?

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This one is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely my favorite!


Here is my favorite but they are ALL fantastic! :+1:

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Gorgeous babies! The parents are lovely as well.

This one is my favorite:

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I too love the nice Banana ones, so unfortunate theyre both males lol. And the one Light Ghost with the patternless sides is awesome

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