2023 California Kingsnake clutch 7 (Light Ghost het hypo x Hypo het ghost)

Some backstory…

Light Ghost is Palomar Ghost (recessive) x Banana (line bred). Corwin Hypo (recessive) x Palomar Ghost combo is Coral Ghost.
Last year I hatched the Hypo x Light Ghost combo which I call PhantomGlow.

This was one of my more anticipated breedings. Using a 2020 Light Ghost het Corwin Hypo male, bred to his 2015 Corwin Hypo het ghost mom. Unfortunately I probably shouldve used the male that produced the worlds first PhantomGlow last year, but I had to try out this 2020 male.

Breeding in May

Eggs July 9th

Coral Ghost pipping and Corwin Hypo Striped already out

Coral Ghost fresh out of the egg. Was bummed it wasnt a PhantomGlow - but this is my first “normal” Coral Ghost Ive hatched, and the only one hatched by anyone anywhere this year.

Male Corwin Hypo Striped het ghost

Female Ghost het Corwin Hypo

Aberrant het coral ghost

Female Coral Ghost (Ghost x Corwin Hypo)

Kind of crazy that last year the clutch from this female was -
1 PhantomGlow
1 Light Ghost het hypo
1 Corwin Hypo banded
1 normal colored Het Hypo ph ghost

And this year was -
1 Coral Ghost
1 Ghost het hypo
1 Corwin Hypo Striped het ghost
1 normal colored het hypo ghost

Which one is your favorite???


I hate it when you ask that question but this one is my favorite. I can almost see some lavender? But ALL of them are wonderful! :clap::100:


Corwin Hypo, no lavender in it at all. :slight_smile:


I am pretty sure @caron was talking about the color of the snake not the morph. Very cool snake!


That’s my favourite too!

Beautiful babies.


I am absolutely drooling over this girl. My mind is so blown by her.


I still am :rofl: