2023 First Ever Clutch || ID Help

Hello, reptile buddies! It’s my first time ever creating a topic on here but the time has come!

I’m looking for hatchling ball python genetic/IDing help as I managed to have my first successful clutch hatch on the 11th of July!

Welcome 8 little ball python sneks!

Super Pastel Cinnamon Hypo
Lesser Fire Spotnose Specter

I have a rough guess of what all of them might be but I’m not 100% certain, that’s were I’d like you guys, who are more experienced, to come into play.

I’m not sure about being able to identify the Specter gene which is why I would title all pos specter, however, I just saw a very interesting id help with a yellowbelly example, so maybe I could figure that out after all…
Also not sure about Fire and Spotnose, I know they brighten the snake and SN makes the alien heads more roundish but honestly, I’m kinda guessing with some.

Here are the parents:

And here is a collage of the hatchlings!

Group Photo - before shed

Collage - after shed

Now onto the individual pictures post-shed!

#1 Pastel Lesser het Hypo

#2 Pastel Cinnamon (Spotnose?) het Hypo

#3 Pastel Fire Cinnamon Spotnose het Hypo

#4 Pastel Cinnamon Fire Lesser het Hypo

#5 Pastel Fire Lesser het Hypo

#6 Pastel Cinnamon Fire Lesser het Hypo

#7 Pastel Cinnamon Leser het Hypo

#8 Pastel Cinnamon Fire Lesser het Hypo

The fact that some of the silver hatchings are lighter and more washed out than others is a little confusing to me.


Hello and a great big welcome :hugs: to the forum! Congratulations :tada: also on your very first successful clutch of 8 beautiful babies! We all love :heart: baby pictures here!

Someone will come along with experience to help you with your ids. So glad for your success! :blush::+1:


Thank you for the warm welcome! =)

If I had to guess who might be Specter, I’d guess:
#6, #7 and #8. But honestly, not sure. The cinnamon is throwing me off cuz I just see no potential blushing or flaming because of it.
But it also could be possible that the washed-out ones have Specter, that would be #4 maybe #3.
Yeah, I’m just not sure.
Best bet would just be selling them all (besides #7, he’ll stay) as pos Specter.