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We talk with Jeremy Turgeon, previously of New England Reptile, currently a seasoned reptile breeder under Brassman Reptiles, a musician, and co-host of The Reptile Talk Podcast with Rob Christian, also formerly of New England Reptile as well. Jeremy is now full-time with USARK and ready to charge ahead with the important issues we are facing across the country in regard to battling bad reptile laws specifically in Florida and Louisiana that require our immediate attention.

Here is the information I need to provide to you all in the description here:
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:boom:Comments may be submitted by email: klejeune@wlf.la.gov
By mail: to Keri Lejeune, LDWF State Herpetologist, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 200 Dulles Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506

:boom:Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Commissioners, Secretary, and Staff,

I write today as a Louisiana resident and responsible animal owner who opposes the Department’s proposal to ban and over-regulate many herp species in Louisiana by amending LAC 76:XV.101 of the Louisiana Administrative Code. I find this proposal to be unscientific, baseless, unjust, and biased.

This regulation overhaul emulates a violation of due process. Clearly, legitimate subject matter experts and affected stakeholders were not consulted. For example, some of the new regulations are actually bad for animal welfare.

Before being heard and voted on by the Commissioners, there must be an advisory group or workshop that creates a collaboration between stakeholders and the Department. Forcing these new bans and unjust laws upon responsible businesses and animal owners without first asking our input feels like a violation of my rights as a United States citizen. I expect better from my state of Louisiana.

There needs to be an economic impact study as stating that there is no impact upon Louisiana business is incorrect. Those impacted also need to be shown the science that supports these new bans and regulations. Stating, “It happened in Florida and we do not want it to happen here.” is not a valid argument. The warmest areas of southern Louisiana are still much colder than the area of Florida where invasive reptiles are a problem for that state. The Department must compare apples to apples. Not kiwis to apples.

Most of this effort is unjust, unwarranted, and a prime example of big government. If the Department has found legitimate science and data science to support that some nonnative reptiles are a genuine concern for Louisiana, then work with stakeholders and experts to create a sensible regulation. Are unconstitutional and excessively intrusive government actions the future in Louisiana?

Responsible Louisiana herpetoculturists deserve better than this! Yes, we are concerned with conservation of Louisiana’s fauna and environment. Just like good hunters and anglers, reptile and amphibian keepers are some of the best stewards of our state’s natural resources.

It is not the role of the government to remove freedoms from good citizens, especially when the grounds for that injustice are arbitrary and capricious. While these animals may be misunderstood, that does not warrant injustice. Bans are never the answer!

Please work with dedicated herpetoculturists to resolve any legitimate concerns. This action is unjustified and severely damaging to many good Louisiana citizens. The information provided to the Commissioners simply does not reflect the impact Thank you for your time and consideration of this complex matter. Have a good day.

P.S. Please send a receipt email acknowledging my comment was received and entered into the record.