2nd Clutch & Confused

Could use a little help. This is my 2nd clutch so please be kind lol. My 1st clutch was so much easier. I was attempting to prove out a Male Normal 66% Het Pied with my Proven Female Enchi Pastel 100% Het Pied. Unfortunately they only produced 4 eggs 1 being a slug. The result were not what I was looking for but now I’m confused. Shouldnt normal siblings look alike?

#1 Currentlt in shed. Looks to be normal but half the body has pattern and the rest really doesnt. Looks like dad except dad has more pattern and a few more triple alien heads.

#2 Looks to be normal but looks nothing like the sibling and a head stamp. Belly is busy and looks nothing like siblings as well. Doesn’t look like dad at all and has a back stripe.

#3 Just a pastel but including pics for reference of all siblings. Looks just like mom.

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Looks like normals and pastels. There is a huge range of variation in the way any particular color/pattern morph is expressed. Go to the classified and set your search to see normals only and you’ll be surprised. Even normals with no hets can look a lot different from one to the next.


Do you look identical to all of your siblings?

As @ballornothing notes:


This made me chuckle.