2nd clutch of the year on the ground today

Eight healthy eggs and no slugs from this beautiful Mojave girl! I had to candle the two roll outs, but they both have good veins.

And they have a good weight to them.

The mojave girl, Moji, weighs in at 1754 grams after laying. A little thin, but not too bad.

I’m so excited for this clutch! She was bred to an enchi pied, so I’m hoping for some nice mochi hets.


Nice !!! I just had my spotnose girl finallyyyyy lay her clutch Friday night. Daddy is a blade clown. Very exciting for some spotnose het clown stuff. Now just waiting on my 2nd female to lay, but that won’t be until June 20th or so. Congrats on the clutch big eggs


Beautiful! Those are all genes I need to get into my collection someday. How many eggs did she give you?

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She gave me 6 beautiful eggs. All candled with huge veins. I’ve been slowly building up my clown project. I would love to nab a spotnose blade het clown female as a hold back from this clutch :blush::blush::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

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