3rd and 4th clutch’s of the year laid!

15 eggs no slugs from this Motley girl to a stripe motley.

20 eggs 1 slug from a Coral Snow to a Super Ciral Snow (forgot to take a picture before I took the eggs)


Very cool. I really need to get more into corns. Good luck with them.


Fantabulous🎉! Those eggs are a site to see! Congratulations all around!

Spring has sprung! :blush: I was walking my dog Rudy earlier today and we passed a momma duck sitting all plump with her wings spread out over her pile of eggs. She eyed us coming and going with her head low in one of those “I’ll tear your face off if you come any closer to my babies” look! Lol. We live around a lot of ponds so there are plenty of ducks and geese around!

Didn’t mean to go off topic on this one but hey! Eggs are eggs no matter what’s in um! :snake::+1::blush:


Your eggs look great!


Those are beautiful! Congratulations!

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