4 more scorps added to the family

I have 3 more babies to add to my tiny but mighty club and 1 adult who is a beast.

Tityus Obscurus is the smallest of the batch.

This is the Hottentotta Franzwerneri, very beautiful coloration.

Hottentotta Judaicus fairly aggressive for its size. This baby was totally threat posing out of the container.

Lastly the Androctonus Liouvillei Figuig, this is an adult female. She is definitely beast mode here. She too came out threat posing, id lie if i said i wasn’t a little intimidated.


Good looking pick-ups!

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Thank you :heart: i have a line on a few Tityus species i plan on next. Im actually having way more fun with my bioactives for my forest/ tropical/subtropical scorpions. I do love my desert scorpions and would love to attempt a bioactive, with plants etc. It may drive the humidity up in such closed systems i definitely don’t want them to get Mycosis.

Use aloe plants. Aloe vera rarely needs watering.

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I was looking to those and other succulents, i think there are some drought tolerant desert wild flowers too. Im definitely going to do a ton of research into the plants. I know that even in Arizona where i lived the top layer was hard dirt, gravel and sand but if you dig down there is dirt and some moisture. I think in the open environment mycosis may not affect them where a closed system would. Arizona does get some rain but the moisture in the wild would evaporate and also sink down in the substrate keepers the top layers dry where fungus isn’t likely to thrive.

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