4th clutch this season, and its got me stumped

Sire: Orange Dream, Cinnamon, Enchi - was what we were told, and this is his first clutch
Dam: Yellowbelly -proven

Looks to me like we have 2 yellowbelly enchis, but the two darker ones are throwing me off. And i am starting to wonder if the sire is just a cinnamon enchi.

Just a little insight would be great

Also the two are much smaller because they came out of boob eggs, we wernt even sure those eggs were viable until they started to hatch. So we are going to give them a shot and see how they do.


The two smaller babies are carrying OD. Why do you think it isn’t there?

Looking at other orange dream cinnamon enchi’s and dad doesnt look like that when he was that size.

Given Cinny and Enchi are allelic, it is not possible for you to get the triple from this pairing. Those two underdeveloped babies look to be Enchi OD potential YB and Cinny OD YB


For dad he may have been a low expression orange dream. Not every OD is going to be as bright and clean as the next. And that doesn’t mean he can’t toss a couple of nice ones here and there.

The babies all look great. I’ve got a little runt myself this year so good luck with yours!