50% Sulawesi Crossed Animals

I am a sucker for sulawesi retics. They are my favorite locality of retic, and easily in my top 3 favorite retics period. This past seasn I bred a pure sulawesi male to a female motley suntiger poss het albino, and I couldnt have been more please with the babies!

50% Sulawesi Motley Sunfire male

50% Sulawesi Motley Sunfire Female


50% Sulawesi Suntiger Female


I would like to see 100% Sulawesi !!

Very nice looking retics by the way

Here is one of my pure sulawesi females.

Stunning, I love the yellow head !!

Do you have a male to pair her with ?

Yes I do! I have 1.2 Pure sulawesi animals.

If you breed them let me know !!