60x45x60cm Arboreal

Hi there,
I have a spare exoterra 60x45x60cm terrarium and I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions for any geckos/lizards/amphibians/snakes that I could put in a bioactive set up? (Quite general I know!)

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If I’m making the conversions right, I believe that is a good size for an adult crested gecko, or gargoyle gecko, both of which have very similar care and are generally considered “easy” reptiles.

I also know both species can really thrive in bioactives, as long as you find some sturdy plants for them to stop on!

Similarly, a group of amazon milk frogs or white’s tree frogs could be kept bioactively in this size I believe (grouped with their own species, I don’t think you can mix and match).

All lovely options that thrive in really plant friendly humid environments and can be stunning display animals (cresties and gargs can often be quite friendly and handlable too!)


Greetings and welcome to the forum @tomg0828 Tom! I second the gecko suggestion that @cmills gave you! I have a little crested gecko that is a sweetheart! I hold him quite often. He is usually at the top of his enclosure waiting for me to interact with him. I just took his picture a few minutes ago. He looked like he was sleeping! lol!

It really depends on your budget, but I can give a couple more options though-

Standings day gecko
Cuban false chameleon
Leachianous gecko
Chahoua gecko
A large group of mourning geckos
Giant day gecko
Pretty much all dart frogs
Bird poop frogs
Too many smaller species of anoles to name
Solomon island “ground” boa (I have heard they do like to climb sometimes)
A smaller species of mountain horned dragon
Keel belly lizard
Tokay geckos


Well and of course crested geckos😜

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Thanks guys,
Are crested geckos active at all/mind being handled during the day? (I know they’re noctural)

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I wouldn’t get a crested gecko if that is what you are looking for. If you are willing to upgrade in the future than that would open up a lot more options

A standings day gecko can handled if you put in a decent bit of work. They are easy to care for and are a lot of fun to watch

What options could there be?

A pink tongue skink (will eventually need at least 36x18x24 inch/90x45x60 cm though bigger is better)
A corn snake/U.S. rat snakes (will eventually need a 4x2x2 foot/ 120x60x60 cm)
2 or 3 emerald tree skink (will eventually need a 36 x18x24 for 2 or 36x18x36 for 3/ 90x45x60 or 90x45x90)

I assume that my current one is too small for one emerald tree skink then?

My crestie is up a lot during the day checking out what’s going. He’s kinda in the center of everything anyway …. Lol! :blush:

I personally wouldn’t keep just one. I have heard that they actually show social behavior and do better with others

Ok, thanks

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