75gal tank for ball python

I know I know, PVC is best, Tubs are arguably best, but I was given a 75g tank for free so I thought I’d deck it out, silicone some branches make a nice background and throw a bunch of enrichment and hides in there… any one have tips to keep the husbandry right in there? And could this be to big? Any help or tips to make this work is greatly appreciated thank you!

If you can, making a custom lid that is lockable, solid with screen cutouts for light/heat. I’d also paint the back and sides, then apply insulation.

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What should I use for insulation?, I did the great stuff and silicone with eco earth and spagnum moss for the back ground, I was planing on taking some type of material and hot gluing it on the outside of the sides and maybe part of the front… but what would you recommend for insolation

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Great stuff foam is insulation. I used 2.5% window tint to darken my tank. It still allows me to view from the sides and its dark enough to feel secure. Go bioactive.


As morph mafia said, the great stuff is insulation and will do a good job helping maintain temps.

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You can absolutely make it work, I would just make sure to add a bunch of hides, branches, plants, etc to make it cluttered. Ball pythons tend not to like a whole bunch of open space or to feel exposed. It will be a little harder to maintain heat and humidity, so if you are using a screen lid you will probably need to cover a significant portion of it with foil/HVAC tape/plexi glass/something. How much effort you’l need to put into heating it will probably largely depend on what your ambient temps are already in the room your bp is staying in, and you may need multiple heat sources to get the hot side up to 88-90


So currently he is in a 20Long I have a heat mat covering a 3rd with dual 150 watt CHE on top with a damp towel covering half this helps me stay in the 90s on the heat side and around 80 on cool side with 50-60 % humidity with a couple sprays a day…
So far I bought a wider lamp and was going to put a CHE in it but not sure if 1 150 will do the job… I am moving all my reptiles to my closet…( it’s a walk in closest with plenty of space.) And was hoping being in there will help hold heat better instead of the bed room where my door is almost always open… and for the lids it is 2 lid type of setup I was thinking some type of plastic on one side and a screen on the other

Also any one els that has done this how long do you wait until putting reptiles in? It’s been almost a week I can still smell a very faint silicone smell if I put my nose up against it…

I think someone had posted a website where they were selling kits to add doors to aquariums…I can’t recall the website.

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Keeping in a smaller area like the closet will make a big difference on the heating. Be careful though using che anywhere it could be bumped into flammable material. They make me uncomfortable since their surface temps easily reach 600+, and take a bit to cool off once shut off.

Is there something els you would recommend instead of a che? I got a 20”x20” heat mat for this enclosure but at least in my room the heat mat was not enough in my room for the 20l tank witch is why I have the double che rn

Also I am taking all clothes out of the closet it will just be reptiles and like asserories

CHE are fine, just need to be extra careful with them. One suggestion I have would be to use a light dome spring to help keep the light shroud in place.

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Make sure you don’t have the temp above 90°F. Anything above that for long durations of exposure can be damaging to BPs. I personally keep my BPs in the 86-88 range and they do just fine.

I know I do all this just to get the heat to 85-88

Should I also add insolation on the sides and part of the front?

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I wouldn’t add the extra insulation until you’ve moved the enclosure and tested it out for a while.


I waited about 3 weeks after it cured to add my plants and my snake moved in 3 weeks after that.

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Only reason I wanted to add insolation is even in the 20l I am having trouble keeping the tank at 88 temp with 60 humidity. I am assuming with it being so much bigger i will need more heat so I bought a much wider lamp and a 250 way bulb and use a ipower heat Mat on the hot side