$75k pair of lizards recovered from a theft

So just a city over from where I live these 2 lizards were recovered and are apparently worth big bucks. I actually saw this pair being sold on CL recently for a mere 600 bucks. Glad they were recovered in the end and just thought I’d share.


Whoa!! What kind of lizards were they?? Would have been a hell of a deal for whoever bought them for $600


They are lace monitors. An Australian species, and the one on the thumbnail is a bell’s phase.


No one bought them from the thieves fortunately so police were able to recover them. This was only about 20 minutes away from me. I did contemplate buying them but now knowing they are stolen property I am glad I didnt.


Any chance the same folks took your BPs? Since they are near & know how much reptiles are worth?


I looked into it further because I thought exactly the same thing but it is very well possible because the people involved committed a string of robberies in the time frame my animals were taken. Even if they did take them reports say that no other animals were found.

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If you can get any information, email, address, name, etc. Then you might be able to look up everything they’ve ever sold on certain selling markets or expos they vended at.


Yeah I am taking info down as I type this. But either way these two peices of trash are being convicted on felony charges :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Karma really does bite some people in the butt extra hard I must say.