9g Lilly White Crested Gecko Probable Male

Item Details

Donated by (Name/Business): Quincy Leon - Gecko Nerd

Contact: sales@geckonerd.com

Item: Lilly White Crested Gecko Probable Male

Description: Probable male of 9 grams, Hatch Date 10/12/21. Produced by Gecko Nerd.

Starting bid: $300 (Please place bids in $5 increments)

Who pays shipping?: Buyer pays $40 flat rate shipping to continental U.S.

Bidding directions:

Auction winner will send their winning bid amount to Kellagood711@gmail.com (via Friends & Family) and then post screenshot proof of the donation in comments under this auction. Once verified by an admin the poster and seller (see email above) will need to contact each other for shipping details.

Overtime will start in the last 5 mins of the auction, if no bids are placed in the last 5 minutes, the donation post is over, if someone bids within the last 5 min that will start a new 5 min clock until we go 5 min with no bids.


$300 bid here

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I bid $305

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$310 bid here

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I bid $315

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$320 bid here

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I bid $320

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@eb_geckos and @showmegex looks like there is a tie here, unsure how to settle this my friends! Help! I am trying to get to each one to comment and first noticed this here.

@showmegex bid was first amount in. @eb_geckos’s bit came after @showmegex’s

Let him have it! I already won a different lily tonight :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh, oh no! I meant to put $325. I saw showmegex’s post and tried to reply. I must not have realized I didn’t put the right amount </3

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Thank you so much @showmegex !! I’m so sorry for the mix up!

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That’s ok!!

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@eb_geckos @showmegex if it is the concensus that @eb_geckos wins the bidding, we shall proceed! Thank you for being so polite about this, both of you! We really appreciate everyone here!

Please follow these instructions carefully.

Send your Bid amount to Kellagood711@gmail.com (as Friends and Family, NOT Goods and Services, please) and post the screenshot on the auction. If possible, please mention who donated the item you are paying for, or what the item was to help us keep track of things more easily.

When you have done this, we will contact the seller to give the green light for arranging shipping and they will be paid for any charges you are responsible for. Please email this seller at sales@geckonerd.com to do so. Additional charges (as detailed above) and conditions may apply here.

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@midwestmarvels Sent!
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 8.30.41 PM

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