A Chance to Shine

Beautiful white lips

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Hurray old photos because getting good ones outside is still not possible. Can’t wait for spring photo time.

Arizona Mountain king snake. By far one of the most underrated kings imo. Extremely active, great display snakes, calm when handled, though they are faster than corns when exploring. Males average 2ft, females can get to 4 on rare occasions. My boy Ammon is 2’6".

Rosy boa, San Matias local. Overshadowed by sand boas in many cases. Though they do like to try and eat your hands when you hold them sometimes. Andromeda here is a runt, and even though she eats like mad has never gotten bigger than she is now. Permanently tiny this one.

Eastern rat snake. Feisty as babies but can be tamed down with regular handling, and not giving into their hissing and musking. Got Polaris here as an already tame adult.


I do like the L. pyromelana. I used to own some L. p. knoblochi way back in the day and they definitely qualify as overlooked. We currently have some San Matias and Bay of LA rosy boas - we’ve always loved them. They are my wife’s favorite. From your other posts, I know you are a strong advocate for the Eastern Rats. Nice looking animals!

Maybe not as unusual as some others but no one posted any geckos so I am.


Mine aren’t very nippy nor are they defensive, both come to me when I open the tub and when I put my hand down, they crawl into it. I’ve “taught” them to do that from babies.


My favorites will always be hognose snakes. Westerns have become more popular recently. Madagascar Giants, Easterns, Tri-colors ect. There are also others such as Leioheterodon modestus, Lystrophis dorbignyi, Leioheterodon geayi, and others, though I have no idea if the latter have been kept in captivity.

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Nika my Russian Rat Snake. I own a few ball pythons and this girls curiosity is on another level.


We received a small army of Dierogekko nehoueensis last year. They’re a really uncommon species in captivity that have quickly become our favourite.


@elementalherps That is a cool ass looking gecko! Good stuff coming out of New Caledonia. Can you find them CB or are most WC/ import?

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That is an awesome little gecko!!! We love Our New Caledonian species

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They’re all CB, or should be. I can’t remember if ours are F1 or F2

Us too! We tried our hand at Strophurus, but couldn’t get onboard with insectivores. Back to CGD eating geckos :slight_smile:


Carpondro’s, siblings 25% GTP. 75% carpet


Couple of little friends!


I didn’t know how cool cuban false chameleons were until I met one for the first time. They are so chill and I love their big heads. My girl Oonazuchi is so fun to have and I can’t wait to see her full grown.


Madagascar ground gecko

Rubber boa

Solomon island ground boa

African house snake

Viper boa

Also have rosy boas, a burm, boa imperators, and a cali king that I’d argue are pretty mainstream when compared to the rest of my collection.


Not gonna lie - that rubber boa is my favorite. I’ve always wanted one. I really like house snakes too. I’ve never owned Candoia ssp, but they are beautiful. I really dig the pattern on the gecko - is that also known as an ocelot gecko? Cool stuff - thanks for sharing!


LOVE the house snakes! They look black at first, which I like, but then they open up to a rainbow of colors!


My trio of rubbers are my most recent acquisition. The most surprising thing about them, for me, is that they are little garbage disposals. It took over a month to get them eating, but once they started, they didn’t and won’t stop. They end up with the leftovers of trying to get my housies switched to F/T, and they don’t care if it’s brained, boiled, scented, warmed, cooled, whatever.

Candoia is probably my favorite genus, hands down, but not for hobbyists who are looking for an “easy” species.

The gecko is the “striped” variation of Paroedura picta, and yep, also known as ocelot gecko, pictus gecko, panther gecko, or fat-headed gecko. Here’s a photo of my female that has “wild type” pattern. I have one pair; the male is chill and super hand-tame and the female is a spaz that dive-bombs be every time I open the tub. Can’t tell which is “normal” lol.


I love their metallic blue iridescence. I believe the trio I have will stay mostly black, but from what I hear shift back and forth between black and olive-ish brown throughout the day as adults. They were also spazzes when they were tiny babies, but now that they’ve grown a bit they’re quite confident and curious. I’d love to get some Kenya reds and/or Uganda greens some day, too.