A Chance to Shine

Everyone has seen ball pythons, cornsnakes, and the “standards” in the hobby. How about seeing some of the lesser known, under represented reptiles/ arachnids/etc that, while not necessarily considered a mainstream representative, deserve their chance to shine and, maybe, get others interested in them as well…?

Now, show what you got!


Colombian rainbow boa!

She’s a pain to get pics of so these are my most recent ones — she was in shed in these pics!

I want to get into tricolor hognoses too, they look really cool and I think would be fun to breed.


I love Epicrates! I’ve been toying with pulling the trigger on some paradigm (visual t - / t +) Colombians. I’ve gotta pare down my projects at this point though.


What do you consider not mainstream or standards cuz on this site most gecko people don’t post many pics


Mexican Black King Snake. Not super unknown but this little guy has a great personality

Arizona Blonde. Just great looking and always out and about.

Caribena Versicolor. Beautiful blue as a sling and will be amazing looking as an adult. And arboreal. Win win

Devils Leaf Mantis. Eh he’s just a bug but still kinda cool to watch lol.


You’re absolutely right. Knob-tail geckos, satanic leaf-tails, peacock day geckos, etc. To me, there are certain “mainstream” animals that come to mind, i.e. lizard - leopard gecko, bearded dragon; snake - Ball, RTB, Corn, etc. I’m not a turtle/ tortoise or amphibian guy, so I’m rather ignorant when I comes to those categories. This hobby is so expansive, I just want to see a little more of the off-the-wall things. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the mainstream, but some of the lesser knowns are just as awesome and could really spark someone’s interest or rekindle an old timer into something new.


I am fascinated by Mantids. Tarantulas I will appreciate from afar… I just don’t trust many things with more than 4 legs. :sweat_smile: You have an awesome looking collection!


At least snakes don’t really have legs well besides vestigial spurs

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Love our MBK, Sasha!

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Curious what people would think are some underrepresented species here. Would people consider Short-tail or Woma pythons rare? I guess my criteria is if I haven’t seen them in person at a con, or only seen them once.

Tri colour hogs, Madagascar tree boas, Boelens pythons, blackhead pythons, savu pythons, stimsons pythons, indigo snakes, any hots, house snakes, rosey boas, racers, Asian rats

I guess that’s just snakes I like that it’d be cool to see more of. There’s so many gecko and frog species, lizards and turtles. Heck some people are into Caecilians!


Frilled dragons! Totally underrated! My baby Tiki

  1. Trans Pecos Ratsnakes. One of the most docile snakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of keeping and exceptionally beautiful. They’re as easy to care for as a Cornsnake, but are usually much less flighty.

  1. California Redsided Garter Snakes. Now these guys are a little nuts (per the typical Garter attitude), but they are STUNNING. Their vibrant coloration compensates for their horrendous musk – although they typically grow out of the “moody teenager stage” as they approach adulthood.

  1. Columbian Rainbow Boas. These guys are always shadowed by their cousins, the Brazilian Raimbow Boa. In my experience however, they are much more docile in comparison. There are some snappy ones, usually babies – but they seem to grow out of it relatively quickly, and are an absolute joy to handle. I primarily keep Leucistics of this species, but all variations are beautiful.


You take some outstanding photos! I’ve always wanted a Trans Pecos, but they seem harder and harder to find. I agree with you and @trnreptiles, Epicrates are gorgeous and the Colombians tend to get overlooked for their brighter colored cohorts, the BRBs.


Always take the chance to post some white lipped pythons.


Northern White Lipped and a pair of Bismarck Ringed Pythons.


Personally I feel that BIs get far too often overlooked as wonderful pet snakes. I do think that they are looked at as a lesser common species and when you compare them to ball pythons and corn snakes…well you see my point. I mean they have wonderful temperaments, they’re good feeders, they get big size without being unmanageable, you can’t usually squish them…LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But all in all, I would say that they meet the criteria of a animal that deserves to shine because they’re usually out shined by more common species in a hobby such as ball pythons, corn snakes, and king snakes. All I am saying is that they just deserve a shot!


I dig the oil-on-water iridescence of the white lipped pythons. Unfortunately, I’m having to pare down my projects and will be focusing more on the smaller sided of snakes.


That head on shot is awesome! Really shows off the mustache. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Given just how many are on the market, and how many I see around, I wouldn’t say they are uncommon, underappreciated or overlooked. They just get too big for some to keep.

Ringed pythons are a hidden gem of the python realm. I’ve never owned one, but I am jealous! Are they as nippy as the literature suggests?