A few of our girls that still eating from earlier today 👍

Hi admin
Just tried to post a feeding video but it won’t go onto/show any of my videos only photos.
Can we not post videos on here ?
Only that I’m sure I did at start but there again I’ve less memory than a goldfish lol ?


We can’t post videos! Sad I know… You can link your YouTube ones?

Also we can’t post feeding pics or videos.
You’d have to blur them and put a warning first :grin:


What? I get live feeds and agree, but non live feeds too?
Just checking to be sure and not make a mistake myself

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Any feedings pictures are prohibited by the TOS


Ok thanks @saleengrinch I will of course follow the rules. i guess furry animal lovers would use it against us anyway even though its natural.
Sorry to ask, just want to learn what is TOS. I looked it up - other than Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) I could not find other information on google. Possibly because most of my searches are medical due to my work.
Is it USA specific or what? - plenty of live feedings allowed on youtube (which I think damage the hobbie and disagree with) so I am confused.

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TOS is terms of service.


OK generally ok that makes sense, thanks, but just for this website? or more regarding reptiles videos?
Still don’t understand why YT does not care

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It’s for this site.

And furry lovers wouldn’t use it against you I doubt, you can still love furries and know a Snakes gotta eat!
I’m Vegan and I know my Snakes and Geckos, and frogs etc need to eat! (Frozen thawed for the Royals that is haha) So if I don’t hold it against anyone I doubt others would.
I know you get the odd person, but unfortunately you get them everywhere :joy:

But it’s TOS for this site, a lot don’t want to see it, which is totally fine. If live I personally don’t want to see that but each to their own :grin:

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Personally @ascended, I wouldn’t post any live or f/r feeding on this site due to the guidelines of this forum. As a staff member, I will remove links to videos and photos of this nature. Obviously, there are some very rare cases that it would be allowed but that would be only for scientific purposes (and more then likely will be shared through pm). I still view it as crossing the guidelines and therefore violating our terms of service.

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How about a cute rat picture instead lol

I personally like rats lol makes things difficult.


Yeah even as someone who has kept rodents(Guinea pigs) and currently has to feed a couple of my snakes live im kinda desensitized to it at this point but when I started my heart used to drop whenever the mouse/rat would cry

Lol whenever I struggle with how cute rats are I just remember the one time I got bit by my friends as a child and then I care a bit less😂

Thanks that clears things up :slight_smile:


Dont worry, I didn’t want to post anything like that, I just wanted clarification so to understand if it was rules of this forum or other general country specific rules/guidelines… But its good to clear it up for the readers as well as me.

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Rare we do feeding videos and all ours are frozen thawed does that make a difference or just no feeding?
It more like we did sun scanned all our breeding girls that I would have posted but it is what it is I guess :+1:


It’s no feeding videos at all to my understanding I personally think it’s a weird rule for 2 reasons one being if you are a part of this forum you most likely own or want to own a reptile and feeding mice/rats is usually part of this(with snakes) and also you have the choice to click or not to click on the video but that’s just some weird snake kid from the “ wonderful” state of Californias opinion


Thats corect

Thats also correct, but it will make sense in a moment.

Its not members of the community that we are keeping from seeing these videos, its the other end of the spectrum… PETA and co.

There is no better opinion than your own :wink:

So the reason we dont allow these videos is because they are used against the hobby when laws are being passed. They will collect as many as they can and use them to make the community look like “savages that enjoy watching animals eat one another”… its a real fetish and a real problem, and we dont want any connection what so ever.

If we allow videos of mice being eaten by balls, then its only right to allow rabbits being eaten by retics… whats the difference between a rabbit and a cat being eaten? … its just a mess that we dont need.

You can find snake mukbang videos all over other parts of the internet, there is no need for us to host them also :blush:


Lol no probs, thank you for the reply :+1: