A introduction of JDReptiPets. 😁


Lets make a littel introduction. :wink:

Im Joery and together with my girlfriend
Amber are we smal hobby breeders.

My love for Reptiles (and other animals) began in my childhood.

When i was 16 it was the year of my first pet reptile.
A bearded dragon.
He was bred and raised in the school i was learning animal care.

During school i volunteerd in a reptilezoo for a year and the following year i worked there for my internschip.

Another interschip i found verry intresting was with a Vet who specialzed in rodents and excotic pets.

As years go by my intrest grew and the number of pets too. :wink:

In the year 2018 i decided i wanted to breed Reptiles.
My choice was to begin with Ballpythons and in the future maybe other species.
During that time i met my girlfriend.
She soon grew to love my scaly friends too, :grin:
I could not have dreamed to find someone who helps me with my passion as much she does.

Now we are 2019 and have produced our first babysnakes ! :grin::+1:

I hope to continue this wonderfull hobby.
And to bring my vision of Beautiful snakes to life.

It might take a while to get there but we shall get there eventualy. :wink:

Thanks for Reading this wall of text. :laughing:

Greetings Joery.



Welcome to the community @jdreptipets! I am glad you and your girlfriend can both be passionate about the same hobby. I can’t wait to see pics of your little snakes!


Hi, welcome! I also have a girlfriend who I have turned into a reptile lover lol. She now helps me with all the needs my animals require, and my daughter learns so much from the both of us!

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Yes its so nice to share my passion with my girlfriend.
Even if i sometimes drive her crazy with talking about snakes. :rofl:

And here are Some pictures of our babysnakes.:wink:
(don’t mind the random Numbers)
More Will be floating arround on the forum soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But you can always take a look on our Facebookpage for more :snake: photos.

Parrents are: Pastel Genetic Stripe x Vanilla :grin:

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Welcome to the party

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I hope my stepson will also take a liking to our Reptiles. :grin:

But for the moment he too young to work with these animals. :wink:

Something tells me he Will likes fish. :laughing:

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Thanks ! :grin:

So lucky that you are dating someone who shares your passion!

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Thanks :grin:
I am verry aware off my luck. :wink:

She did not like them from the verry beginning.
But i think she got infected with β€œReptile Love virus” because of me. :rofl:

It even gets worse as time goes on.

I even infected her Father, Brother and sister by now. :laughing:

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I infected my best friend, and now she is my business partner. :grinning:

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Lets spread the love for Reptiles ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There should an online dating website for people who love reptiles lol…hmmmm what would it be called???

Cold blooded lovers?

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I would definitely sign up for that.

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