A little issue with replies

Hey, so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but every now and then I will reply to a specific person’s post by clicking the little reply arrow under their comment, but after my comment is posted, it doesn’t show that I was replying to that specific person. And then I’m not sure if the person got a notification that I replied to their comment. Sometimes when I reply to a specific comment, it works just fine and shows that I’m replying to a specific person and other times it doesn’t. Here are a few screenshots:

I click this button:

Here’s my reply, which shows that I’m replying to that user:

And the published reply that doesn’t show who I was replying to:


At any moment did you have to leave to page? This is when it usually happens to me. Try to reply to me next.

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Hmm, well I pulled up a separate tab, but left my reply open. You might be on to something!

So, does this work?

Okay, so in this reply, I didn’t open a separate tab or navigate away from the page at all.

So this might be a bug/issue.

In my initial reply to you, I also didn’t leave the page at all and it still didn’t show I was replying to you, but my second reply to you did. So :woman_shrugging: And this reply I didn’t leave the page either.

What type of device and what browser and version?

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Browsing on my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9+, using the default Samsung browser. I’m not sure what version, but I generally keep my phone and apps up to date. I probably shouldn’t be using the default browser to be honest! :grimacing:

I am not familiar will the settings of androids, so do you have the pwa for MorphMarket ?

Yes, it automatically uses Chrome if I use the web app, so I usually just use it to receive the notifications. I should probably just switch to Chrome anyway, no idea why I’m still using the default browser! This reply is written on the app, in the Chrome browser, so let’s see if the reply works correctly!

Edit: haha, nope!

This is odd

You can find out your version by doing this

If you are inside the pwa of MorphMarket

Paste that copied stuff and take out the personal information to make it look like this

I use safari Version/14.1.2 Mobile

My version is 2021.10.7.0.mp1.0

No it will always say that when you copy it, but when you paste it you’ll have to remove the personal information

|| userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SM-G965U) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/94.0.4606.80 Mobile Safari/537.36

Is this correct?

This is it

I am going to tag @eaglereptiles and @john to inform them of this.

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Okay thanks, you’re a big help, as always!

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