A question about piebald

Sorry for getting into this topic but I am still learning and now had a question about piebald.
Are there known deviations in, for example, Killer pied super fire? (Super Fire Super Pastel Piebald)
Couldn’t really find it in the topic because I still have a lot to learn in the field of genetics

Thanks for helping a guy out and i’m leaning a lot in topics like these!

What do you mean by deviations? Are you asking about variation of expression within the combo?

With this specific combo, your odds are that most examples will be solid white BlkELs. Some may develop minor patches of yellow, but they would small and most likely to occur on the head/neck area


No I meant deviations like wobble, small eyes and so on.
That’s why I asked the question in the morph issue topic.

But I guess that’s not happening with the combo I mentioned.
Still am learning a lot.


If you are asking if that combo has any genetic issues like the Blue Eyed Lucy complex (specifically Lesser) can have in Pied, then no they don’t. The Black Eyed Lucy complex doesn’t have the eye issues that the Blue Eyed Lucy complex (again specifically Lesser) can have, as far as I know. The only problem with that combo is that you wouldn’t know what you have since it would be an all white snake with maybe a few yellow patches, like what @t_h_wyman said.


You’ve answered my question.
I was meaning the complex but as a Dutchie couldn’t come up with the right words!

Again thanks for the imput!


No problem, I’m glad that I could help!


Ah… A translation error. I was confused about why the question was in that other thread.

As Walker notes, there are no defects associated with that combo


No worries!
It’s clear now.
If you want you can trash the topic.
Or maybe let it be so others can learn although I think the other topic is way more packed with information :wink:

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