A question about selling

So to sell an occasional animal does one need a business license.

Do they have to do any specific taxes?

I don’t pay taxes, my income is 0 even though i get 39k a year, its non taxable so as far as the IRS is concerned my income is 0. ( VA disability payments)

Until i get my rating to 100% currently im 90% with unemployable which pays me at 100% so i can on occasions run my small business but not in any full-time capacity ( so like selling an animal here and there, i also want to sell some sodas on the side for extra cash. They are a craft soda and pretty yummy but i have to invest about 7500 for my 1st pallet to get them cheap enough to profit. I asked the VA and my attorney and they said so long as its not like a job job its ok. Hence why im working on getting pure 100% with an attorney because the VA kinda screwed me.)

So i guess my question is and i probably should ask a tax expert but since there are lots of sellers here i thought I’d ask. Is this something that i have to go get a business license and do specific taxes etc. Also if this was “a business” then taxes would be separate i assume? Is this a case where the government gets to double dip? Like i have to pay taxes in the business and then when i “pay” myself then im responsible for personal tax income as well?

Im just looking to make a few bucks here and there being on a fixed income, but im not looking to make my life harder than it is. Im not good at certain things most days im lucky if i know what day it is, or what i did the day before.

I definitely don’t want to do tax fraud or whatever. But before i go to a tax expert hire an accountant etc id like to kinda know the deal. Im sure one of those accountant will see $$ and sell me what i don’t really need.

Whats y’alls experience with selling? Im definitely not looking to carry 100s of animals or more for selling, its just for an occasional boost to my fixed income. I know im not smart enough for all the business stuff and will have to farm out management of it.

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Sales is revenue, not income. As a small time “business”, you can expense many reasonable costs. For example, you can’t expense your pets or the things you buy for them. But, if you do have legitimate purchases of animals you plan to breed, the cost to acquire and care for them can be expensed. That would include food, supplies, vet bills, and even your own time and travel (if you document it!).

Now, you can see that a “business” selling a dozen or two animals per year would quickly show losses, not profits. As such, you could likely ignore all of this effort to report. That is likely what your peeps have told you. But, if you start to sell quite a bit, you really are supposed to report INCOME, which again, is not the same as revenue.