A reptile shed

I am starting to grow my collection or whatever you want to call it and was considering getting a shed to put the cages in. Im thinking something like a wooden Tuff shed and adding insulation, heating and cooling. Does anyone have experience with stuff like this?

I’m a contractor, what exactly would you like to know?


What kind of insulation should I use? What size should I get (I plan to use mainly ARS racks so I was thinking 10x12 to hold 3 sets) ? What style of climate control? (I live in central TEXAS so hot summers and fairly mild winters)

For climate control on a small space like a shed, I’d look into a mini-split ac unit. Maybe something that can act as a heat pump for both heating and cooling.


Your climate is going to influence all of this and I forgot to ask where you’re located. If you live somewhere that’s going to have a 40-50* temp delta it can get complicated to keep things cool/warm and preserve air quality.

Insulation will depend on the framing of the shed. If it has full depth 2x4 framing then you have options on materials. You could use either fiberglass batts, foam board, or have a contractor blow in a dense packed fiberglass or cellulose. Spray foam is too expensive for a project this size to meet most people’s budget requirements.

Rigid foam board at least 2” in thickness (use as thick of foam you can afford to as long as it fits in the bay) Cut each piece so there is a half inch gap around the perimeter of the sheet, fit it in the bays, and fully seal around the edges with low expansion can foam is the highest performance DIY project you’re going to be able to pull together. You will need a ‘pro’ style can foam gun. The cheap ones are $30-50 on amazon will do everything you would need to.

Fiberglass Batt insulation is much cheaper and easier to install but it is the least effective insulation material on the market. If it’s all the budget allows it’s better than nothing though.

Air sealing (with caulking or low expansion foam) the top and bottom stud plate to the exterior sheathing, sealing all exterior penetrations, and sealing the stud plate to the floor; will help mitigate air intrusion which makes it much easier to heat and cool the space.

As far as heating and cooling, if you can swing a mini split as mentioned above, it’s the only way to go. Otherwise plan for an oil heater and a portable AC. Portable AC units are notorious for the exhaust tube falling off and pumping rooms full of CO suffocating the occupants so keep that in mind and secure the exhaust tube well.


Thank you!