A request re:MorphMarket messages and customer names/usernames

Good evening! First of all, love, love, LOVE MorphMarket and am very grateful for it. It is worth every penny and then some.

There are just two small requests I have regarding the message system. The first is that the individual ID of the animal is in the subject header, not just the description. I started putting the snake ID’s in their listing title after I received at least a dozen emails for a “male het lavender”–when I had posted six of them. The body of the email contains the ID, but when sorting things in my email folder, I cannot at a glance remind myself which customer bought/was interested which animal. Usually it’s not a problem, but when it’s a dozen or more emails about identically genetic snakes…oy.

Similarly, while the message system on MorphMarket itself lists each message with the Username (real name in parentheses), the email relay (which I prefer to use as I can send photos, etc.) has username only in the titele which also can create confusion, especially if the username has no resemblance to the real name. The same is true for marking an animal is sold–when given the list of options of who it sold to in the drop down menu, it lists usernames only, and I have embarrassingly selected the wrong customer before when the usernames were close.

Since I conduct sales with their real names, that is what I remember, so the screennames sometimes throw me off. I am hopeful this could be an easy fix–just have the Username (real name in parentheses) in both email relay and the “Sold To” drop down menu–but I know it may not be that simple.

Overall, this site is fantastic and these are small things. Thank you so much for giving us this space!


These are excellent suggestions.