A sting in the tail

Female Stripe tailed scorpion (V. spinigerus)
Small but very cool


How do you handle scorpions? I’ve seen emperor scorpions being docile, but I don’t know how other scorpions behave. It just seems like it would hurt like heck if they got grumpy!

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Depends on the species. So long as you are ok with the possibility of getting pinched harder than what a small crab can, you can handle ones with large pincers with relative ease. But the ones with really small pincers like the fat tailed scorpion or deathstalker? Best to not touch em without gloves, but entomology forceps are safer to pick them up with. The smaller the pincers, the stronger the venom.


True! Ones with big beefy pincers tend to use them to physically manhandle prey even rip it apart so they dont tend to rely as much on the venom potency. But ones with weak frail pinchys have to rely more on good ol chemical warfare.